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Can't reclassify raster in pixel editor

Question asked by AaronCole on Oct 2, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2020 by AaronCole

I'm attempting to do some cleanup on a simple classified raster in the Pixel Editor in ArcGIS Pro and the Current Class/New Class dialog boxes are empty. 



There's no ability to 'Add a new class' as suggested in the doc.  What's up?  Doesn't work at 2.6, rolled back to 2.5 still no dice.  Am I missing a step in the process to activate this tool?  The raster property is set to Thematic.  I've tried copying the tif out to a gdb, changing the bit depth, using a different dataset altogether...still nothing.  I have a support ticket started with ESRI but thought I'd reach out in case there's anyone else out there that can relate.