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How to add CAD (dwg) data into ArcGIS PRO with correct source symbology and exported to WEBMAP?

Question asked by andyyang85 on Oct 5, 2020

Hi everyone,


I am new to ArcGIS Pro.

Would like to know how to quickly/directly import .dwg file into ArcGIS Pro and let the "Data Type" be "File Geodatabase Feature Class".?


I have tried using "Conversion Tool/ To Geodatabase", but this would not bring in the source symbology e.g. label font, rotation, line colors etc. The I will need to manually adjust them back one by one which is super redundant and time-consuming workflow.


Currently I did this by "Add Data"-> click on .dwg I want to import -> and it appears to be as "CAD Feature Class". However, this type of layer will not be exported and displayed on the webmap online.


Is there a standard way to perform this action correctly?