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Add Where clause to Offline Download or Sync

Question asked by minerjoe Champion on Oct 2, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2020 by minerjoe

We have a situation where at times to working areas may be pretty close together, and when the occurs the offline area overlaps.  At times there may be a significant amount of data collected in one of these overlapping areas


So what is happening when a user wants to takes area 2 offline, they will also pull all of the data collected as part of area 1.  And when syncing between these two offline maps they are still including the other area.


What would be nice is if we could define a where clause as part of taking the map offline, so we only pull data associated to a specific project number.  


Is this possible?


Associated to this is that we were hoping to allow crews to collect existing data near the work areas (because this data is collected with GPS it is a chance to improve accuracy), so for this reason we give a good size buffer around our boundary when taking the project offline.