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AGP v2.6 - sharing Layer (LYRX) files as Image Services to Portal

Question asked by cpmgisuser on Oct 2, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2020 by cpmgisuser
Since the launch of ArcGIS Pro v2.6 you can now overwrite existing web imagery layers.
Have tried this successfully with a "Derived" Master Mosaic Dataset in AGP v2.6.
When managing image services using ArcCatalog v10.6.1 one of our team opened the derived Master MD and in the MD Properties dialog added a query removing one of the named MDs in the dataset.
This was saved as a Layer (LYR) file and published using ArcCatalog as an image service.
Datasource as shown in Server Manager looks like this:
Data Source:
E:\arcgisserver\directories\arcgissyst...extracted\v101\Current Imagery.lyr
This particular Image Service is fully cached, both Imaging and WMS with Name: IMG_LatestImagery
This LYR file has also been saved as a LYRX file and works fine in AGP under Map Contents and in Catalog Pane folders.
After installing v2.6 I tried right clicking on the ToC in a map on this layer and it contains "Overwrite Web Layer". When opened a dialog appears asking for the Web Layer to Overwrite but when the Imagery folder on Portal is selected only "Map Image Layer" Type is available (which kind of makes sense) NOT Type "Imagery Layer"?
There are no options in the Catalog Pane to Overwrite using the LYRX file.
So, unless we use ArcCatalog this functionality is not an option in AGP v2.6?
If this is so then as we use AGP more I will need to use a different workflow to publish our derived Master MD querying out one of the datasets, correct?
Can someone suggest a workflow for this please?
My thoughts are to create a Reference MD of our Derived Master MD and publish that using a function to remove the dataset? The aim being that we only have to manage one derived Master MD and when modified that will reflect the changes through to the Referenced Master MD.
I do this with an "Elevation Master Mosaic Dataset" but have only added Contour and Hillshade functions to the Referenced MDs and not a removal query that the LYRX allows.
Have run this by Esri AU Support but thought GeoNet might be a good resource?