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Bug: charts won't load if map not on main tab

Question asked by bpits on Sep 30, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by bpits

Looked at this with the Tech Support team, who were very helpful with troubleshooting and then asked me to report this issue to the beta team.


I'm working on a crime statistics dashboard and have placed the web map on a secondary tab so I have more room for all of the charts. However, when the dashboard loads, the charts will spin forever or display a no data message until I switch over to the map tab. Once the map loads, then the charts will finally load (though sometimes I have to apply a filter and then unapply to get the charts to load).


It appears that the dashboard does not send a query request to the web map if it doesn't load on the first screen/tab. I tested this same configuration in Ops Dashboard, and it does work, albeit the dashboard is much slower since it's an older version. But as such, assuming this is a bug since the functionality exists in the previous version of dashboards?


It's a non-public dashboard currently, so images below showing the charts not loading, switching to the map tab to load the map, then the charts finally loading.