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Convert files to GRID

Question asked by Lisbet_Baklid on Sep 30, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by Lisbet_Baklid

Hello! I am a student trying to make 14 different shape files into GRID. I follow the recipe of "How to: Convert each pixel of a raster into a polygon" from I have converted to raster. I have then used Extract by Mask to get the rasters to be similar. I then convert From raster to point. Then the files are simply to different..some have 40 more points than other raster files of the same cells.. The points are perfectly at the same locations except for about 0-40 of them. I am going to convert to GRID and make all the points/locations into one file so the OBECTID have be the same number at every point. How can I secure that the number of cells or points are equal so that each of the points or GRID have the same OBJECTID in all the files