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How to enable a popup for a OGCFeatureLayer

Question asked by robitaillej on Sep 30, 2020
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From the documentation, to enable a popup using the OGCFeatureLayer you first need to set popupEnable to true, and either set Popup.defaultPopuTemplateEnabled to true or use your own template. I have tried bith things, neither of them work. When I click on a feature in the map, nothing is happening. 

Here is the relevant section of my code:

            Popup.defaultPopupTemplateEnabled = true;
            var layer_marais = new OGCFeatureLayer({
                url: "http://localhost:32769/geoserver/ogc/features/",
                collectionId: "OGSL:marais_pointe-fortin_ichtyo_longt_2019",
                legendEnabled: true,
                popupEnabled: true,


Anybody have the same issue, or could help me with it?

Thanks in advanced!