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Special camera needed to capture "oriented images"? Can any image be "georeferenced" to make an OI?

Question asked by azendel on Sep 30, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2020 by Kushagra_Patel-esristaff

Do you need a special camera to create oriented images? I'm mostly talking about 'street side images' taken by a person standing on the ground, not any type of airborne images. Does the camera need to record the X/Y of the camera, compass direction/heading, pitch, etc at the time of image capture? If not, how would you go about "georeferencing" an image that I captured with a camera that is not "GPS enabled"? And what about cameras that are GPS enabled (like most smartphones)? They seem to only store X/Y or lat/long and "altitude"? But how would you specify the azimuth, pitch, etc?


I've read through a good portion of the documentation and workflows about creating oriented image catalogs, but they seem to pertain to workflows where you already have a collection of OI's.