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Can you open a pop-up by clicking a legend item in Web AppBuilder?

Question asked by SCVTA.GIS on Sep 30, 2020

Is there a way to open the pop-up box by clicking on an item in a legend in a Web AppBuilder application? Initially the person who made this request wanted me to open up a second map and zoom to the extent of the point that was clicked. I achieved this by using HTML code in the About widget to make it look like a Legend widget. With HTML, I was able to specify a URL in a href tag that opened the second map to the desired extent. Now the person wants a click on a "legend" item to instead open up that item's pop-up box in the current map (just like when you click on the point in the map). I can't think of a way that I can access the Web AppBuilder's pop-up box by using HTML code in the About widget. Can anyone think of a method that would work? My fear is that I would need to download this application so that I could make a custom application by adding JavaScript to my About "legend" that would duplicate how the pop-up box appears in the Web AppBuilder app when a user clicks on the point in the map.