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Encrypt ArcGIS online password in ArcGIS Notebooks

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2020

This question is can be cross-referenced to the 2018 one.  


I only have ArcGISOnline. I have several notebooks which I have scheduled to run in windows scheduler. A number of them require logon to run. Where they are run manually, the following works perfectly well because users are able to type in password and the scripts runs ok.



Where they are executed on scheduler, I have managed to set keyvault on azure and I parse password as follows



The challenge is, if someone wanted they can print the secret  value. Two questions;

1. Could there be an alternative authentication methods for ARCGIS Online notebooks that I can use to avoid hardcoding passwords in scripts that are scheduled to run on a server?

2. Has anyone tried the Azure option and has a way to  not just to disbale printing but ensure any attempts to print output non plain text?


 Your help will be appreciated.