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Linking to external documents in a Web App

Question asked by Monica777 on Sep 28, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2020 by Monica777

I am creating a Web App in Portal (10.7.1) using a Web Map that contains multiple map services. One example of the linked documents I need the users to be able to retrieve is a Survey Plan. The map service has a "Survey Plan" polygon feature layer with a pop up that will return the Survey Plan Number and I wish to have a link to each plan's actual PDF document that will open up in the Web App.  The survey plans are currently stored on a Sharepoint site but could easily be move to a internal network folder location if that works better.


Do I have to register the Sharepoint site with the Data Store or add another column to the survey plan feature class/layer with the URL? Is there even a way to do this?

Many thanks for any help!