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Add Data start location driving me crazy

Question asked by baidarkabob on Sep 27, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by twoelk-esristaff



While adding data in arcgis pro, I find the behavior of starting in the previous folder pretty annoying. It would be fine if the dialog box opened immediately in the previous folder, but it does not. It takes a second or two for the add data folder explorer to find its way back to the last used folder. in the meantime, I have already clicked on two or three folders to navigate to the new location when I am suddenly over ruled and taken back to the last folder I added data from. It seems like this should happen faster so I am seeking some advice on changing relevant settings or turning this feature off.


Does the indexing feature of ArcPro impact the speed at which the add data folder explorer finds it way back to the last used folder? Something else that influences the speed of this operation?

If I can't figure out how to speed this process up - Is there a setting to turn this feature off?