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Can I create a pie chart or category selector to show/filter multiple choice questions?

Question asked by dickersonc_MDEQ on Sep 25, 2020

I am creating a dashboard for responses to a drinking water survey where people can state the subject(s) of their concern. The 'subject of concern' field is multiple choice; a couple examples of choices are 'leaks' 'appearance' 'taste' 'pressure'. When trying to filter the data, I get these options:


  • 'leaks'
  • 'leaks appearance'
  • 'leaks taste'
  • 'leaks taste pressure'
  • 'taste'
  • 'taste pressure'
  • 'appearance pressure'
  • 'appearance taste'
  • etc.

I want to have a single filter that shows me ALL concerns that list a single choice; as in, I want to have a filter that shows me all concerns with 'leaks' in them, all concerns with 'taste', etc. so I suppose I'm asking if I can group fields together.


Is this possible?