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Question asked by Payne.Ringling on Sep 27, 2020

I'm trying to figure out how to do reporting based on work orders coming from workforce, joined to survey123 data.


I need the report to spit out the following:

Work Order Details (WorkOrderID, AssignmentType, Date, Status, Description, Assignments)

  • Labor Detail (Person, Hours, Rate)
  • Material Detail (Material, Quantity, Cost)
  • Equipment (Equipment, Quantity, Cost

*each of the above bullet points would be a list of each of the people, material, equipment used and then summarizing their costs. This would then repeat for each Work Order.

So a page from the report might look like:

Work Order ID 35000, Fence Maintenance, 9/20/20, In Progress. Description

Labor Detail

  • Bill, 5 hours, $10/hr, $50
  • Steve, 12 hours $10/hr, $120

Material Detail

  • Paint, 10 units, $2, $20
  • Nails, 100 units, $5, $500


  • Nail Gun, etc, etc
  • Paint Sprayer, etc, etc


Anything to help me get started with doing this in Pro would be helpful.