How to change symbol color based on <> value of a field

Discussion created by elimont173 on Sep 25, 2020

I want to be able to have the point symbol change green or red based on a given value of a filed. For this example I will say if field value is greater than or equal to 175 it would be green and if less than 175 it would be red. I haven't figured out how to set that part up yet but just to complicate it some I would like to have it be the circle with two different color sides and have a second field dictate the color of the other side based on the value of another fields value.


So there would be multiple options for symbols. I should never have a 0 value in field that directs the color of the left side of the symbol but should have plenty of 0 values in the field that directs the right color.


Solid circle is green when value of field 1 is > 175 but field 2 has 0 value

Solid circle is red when value of field 1 is < 175 but field 2 has 0 value

Right side circle is green when value of field 1 is > 175 and left side of circle is green when value of field 1 is > 175

and so on...


It seems like it should be some simple conditional formatting but I have spent longer trying to figure it out than it would have taken to just go set the symbols by hand. At this point I am only asking to try and understand how this may work for my own understanding.