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Edit attributes using the ArcGIS connector for Autodesk (Civil 3d)

Question asked by Robinrutten on Sep 24, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by Robinrutten

Currently, I am working on integrating GIS and BIM. For my research, I want to use the ArcGIS Connector for Autodesk in Civil 3D.

Overall, the Connector works as desired. In ArcGIS Enterprise, I published some feature layers. Subsequently, in Civil 3D, I was able to import the layers with the use of the ArcGIS Connector. However, in Civil 3D occurs my problem: I am not able to edit the attributes of the layers. The attributes are greyed out and are not editable (See image below). In the settings tab on ArcGIS Enterprise, I have enabled all the edit settings.

Could anyone give me advice on how I could overcome this problem?