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Will $map global function be added to Arcade field calc in ArcPro?

Question asked by roquinn on Sep 24, 2020

Based on the documentation ( the only arcade functions that are supported for field calc is $feature and $datastore. I am trying to field calculate an intersect that will return a value from the intersecting feature where the workflow will not support any type of join. The intersecting feature will not be in the dataset containing the edit feature so I am not able to use the $datastore function. This functionality is available for use dealing with popups (


Here is some sample code that I am trying to use:

var intersectLayer =Intersects(FeatureSetByName($map,"Elementary School Attendance Boundary"), $feature)

for (var f in intersectLayer){
return f.Name


*"Elementary School Attendance Boundary" is not in the same dataset as $feature.*