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Portal for ArcGIS editable Feature Service issue

Question asked by Vincenty on Sep 24, 2020

*** I reposted here, as a seperate question, the issue I am facing as I replied on a question marked as "Assumed Answered" and it is unlikely I will get any response


Hi, I have the same workflow and similar issues as posted ArcGIS Portal Editable Feature Service access issue 


My point feature service is published (I am the owner) with 'Add, update and delete feature' in the configuration tab when publishing from ArcGIS Pro (2.6.1), the feature service is linked to an enterprise GDB which is registered to the data store and the Portal (10.7.1) is federated. I have a Publisher role and the table is registered in the Enterprise GDB.


In a new WebMap on Portal for ArcGIS, once on the Edit tab, I only get 'Feature creation is disabled for all layers.' in the table of content. Although my layer should be editable. I can only Update attributes and Delete features. But I cannot Move or Create features... In addition, the Feature Service item details page do show:

Capabilities: Query,Create,Update,Delete,Uploads,Editing


Is there any setting/parameter missing?


For info: in ArcGIS Pro, I can Add, Update and Delete feature from the same point layer stored in Enterprise GDB. And any changes appear in the WebMap.