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Region Grow on DEM in ArcGIS pro

Question asked by Nicholas.Klein-Baer_usfs on Sep 23, 2020

I'm trying to use the region grow raster function on a DEM in ArcGIS pro. The goals is to use a single seed point to identify all the surrounding cells that are within a certain elevational range (i.e. +/- 1 5 meters) of that seed.


I created a feature class with my seed point and with fields for the Maximum Growth Radius and Similarity Threshold (following the documentation here) parameters. Regardless of how I set the values in those fields, however, the output raster is always identical to the input - the region around my seed point never gets any bigger! If I inspect the values in the surrounding DEM cells, however, I can see that they are well within the similarity threshold.


Any tips on how to get this tool to work?