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Survey123 Points at 0,0

Question asked by bheigh on Sep 23, 2020
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Hi there,


I have several surveys I have created that don't employ a GeoPoint question. Most of these surveys are being accessed through Collector maps I have published for inspecting assets. I created the surveys to 1) allow inspectors to choose multiple items from a checklist, and 2) make the inspection process easier by presenting inspection questions in bigger text allow relief from a big long list of possible inspection items.


I employed these surveys without much concern for bringing the data back because I tested it and it worked great, and as designed. Now however, I am finding that I have to perform a join to get the survey data related to my asset points in Collector and AGOL. So I revised many of the surveys to include a GeoPoint question and added a view of that data to my Collector maps so the inspectors can see where they left off. That's working great and the inspectors really like that change.


When I perform the join, I can see all my related survey data, however since many of the survey answers are at 0,0 I have to click on each asset point (or I could create a complex labeling expression) to determine if there is related data or not since I cannot depend on seeing the survey points on my map. I have been searching for a way to edit these survey points to move them back to (or near) the asset points 'auto-magically' but I can't find a way to do that. The only way I can do it is individually in an edit session and manually, as far as I can tell.


I am starting to become familiar with Python and I have looked for a way to do this programmatically but can't find any examples or ideas. Maybe someone here has done that or knows how to do it and can point me to a solution.


Thanks, Bill~