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Please advise how to use DAML.Tool.esri_layouts_selectByRectangleTool

Question asked by tom830217 on Sep 23, 2020



Currently I am trying to use DAML.Tool.esri_layouts_selectByRectangleTool to select an element in my layout. could you please advise what parameter I should pass to the Execute command so that I can successfully select a layout element. I have tried to pass a point of type System.Windows.Point but it's not working. 


var commandEsriLayoutsSelectByRectangleTool = FrameworkApplication.GetPlugInWrapper(DAML.Tool.esri_layouts_selectByRectangleTool) as ICommand;

var point = new Point(x, y);
if (commandEsriLayoutsSelectByRectangleTool != null && commandEsriLayoutsSelectByRectangleTool.CanExecute(point))


Thanks very much for your help in advance.


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Tom Liu