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Reconstruct Tracks Fail

Question asked by sempergumby on Sep 23, 2020

Pulling my hair out a little over this one - working some AIS data in the Northwest Passage using Pro 2.5.2. When attempting to reconstruct tracks, I get one of three outcomes:


1. Error message that time hasn't been enabled in the point file (it has) or


2. Tracks generated capture about 15 to 35% of the point data used as input resulting in "janky" ship tracks and point data with a common mmsi that are completely omitted.


3. Huge error message with unintelligible (to me) statements about where the tool failed, which appears to be everywhere.


The data have a lot more fields per record than typical AIS data sets (includes vessel emissions values, some extra polar categorizations for a total of 30 fields/record), but the data sets aren't obscenely huge - we're talking Arctic here, not the approaches to Houston/Galveston or LA/LB. Either I'm missing something simple, or there's some sort of bug, but it's enough to make me consider downloading QGIS.


Anyone else experience this issue? Any insight?