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Looking for best practices for Tracker in AGOL.

Question asked by jschneider76 on Sep 22, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2020 by APulver-esristaff

Jeff Shaner


Looking for best practices for ArcGIS Tracker in AGOL that will update to a web map for the last known location. 


Currently we can not get the last known location to display in a timely manner.  We are looking to show something as close to live as possible. 


I am testing this by having a coworker watch a web map while I ride around my neighborhood on my bike holding my phone.  the Tracker bread crumbs eventually updates when I get back but the last known location does not.  My neighbors are starting to wonder why I keep taking 3 minute bike rides with 5 minute breaks in the house.   Any tips would be great.