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Survey123 Instance id error with Choice filter present

Question asked by paul.sweeneyTLI on Sep 22, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2020 by paul.sweeneyTLI

Hi All 


I have an xls form that uses choice filters across a number of section lists. Just recently i have been met with this error 


"The same instance id will be generated for different external instance source URLs. Please check form. Instance name 'Machinery', Existing type: 'pulldata', Existing URL: 'jr://file-csv/Machinery.csv', Duplicate type: 'choice', Duplicate URL: 'None', Duplicate context: 'survey'"
the strange thing is if i remove the choice filter the form loads fine. the csv it references in the error  was previously included in the form but it was removed and is no longer in use.  there are other pulldata csv in the form. Has anyone come across this error before?James Tedrick perhaps you may know something abut this error?