BIM and GIS Integration Workshop for AECs

Discussion created by ebocian-esristaff Employee on Sep 21, 2020

Hi AECs. I am part of the Esri Professional Services team that is supporting the AEC industry. We are finalizing a new offering - a 2 day BIM and GIS Integration Workshop. Integrating BIM and GIS has been quite a hot topic for quite a while now in the industry but for some, it's been hard to know where to start. The thought behind creating the workshop is to make the integration more real. We wanted to give our customers an understanding of what is available for them right now to help them drive their integration workflows in practical ways.


This workshop is different than a traditional Esri training offering in that it is a consulting engagement that will be delivered to a group of people within an organization. The first part is an overview of the technologies. It is delivered in a presentation format and is an introduction to BIM and GIS integration providing an overview of the business, integration patterns, and technologies. The second part of the workshop is hands-on training, working with BIM and GIS data, Autodesk and Esri software via remote desktops that will be set up for the purposes of this workshop. We will set aside time for Q+A and discussions about roadblocks our attendees see in their workflows.


Our target audience is practice leads and project managers responsible for the successful delivery of AEC projects and services, architects, engineers, landscape architects, other designers, and GIS professionals who use BIM and GIS technologies to support AEC projects.


Would an offering like this be useful for your organization? Would you like us to cover a specific integration topic in this workshop?  You can contact me if you have any questions or use our AEC consulting email address: AEC_Consulting@esri.com