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Custom transformation for raster mosaic dataset

Question asked by StephanieGoudeseune on Sep 21, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2020 by StephanieGoudeseune

I have a raster mosaic with datasets of +100 custom coordinate datasets.


In the properties > Defaults > Coordinate System Transformation, I have an issue:

- I know there are +100 transformations, but in the overview I only have 26 listed. The mosaic is visualising properly, so I assume that all transformations should be in this list. Imagine I want to troubleshoot and delete a transformation from the list, I cannot do this because it is not in the list

- This brings me to the 2nd issue: When I want to add a transformation, I can add it via the dropdown and '+' on top. I noticed that I cannot add any other transformation from this dropdown. After clicking OK > OK, and reopening the window, I see the transformation I added is not visible in the list.



Does anyone have an idea what can be the issue?


Attachment made in 2.4.2 but I have the same issue in 2.6.0.