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Merge multiple .tpk files into one for collector

Question asked by julia.surkis_utahDNR on Sep 21, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2020 by dougbrowning

I have multiple (16) .tpk imagery files that I want to use for basemap sideloading to collector. I want all of these .tpks to be able to be sideloaded to the same collector map. The two theoretical solutions I can think of are merging the files into one .tpk for sideloading, or some work around to allow collector a single collector web map to accept a bunch of files for upload. I am trying to develop this for a non-GIS team of users, so I want a simple to use single collector map with all the basemap data they might need without them having to change things or re-upload depending on where they are going. So far I have not been able to use the Create Tile Package GP tool from all the .tpk files in a map in ArcGIS Pro.

I have not found anything so far on specifically merging .tpk files, though I think that is the more likely solution. I was thinking I could export the .tpk to raster, mosaic all the files to new raster, and then export again to .tpk, but I'm even having trouble exporting the files to rasters. Any suggestions for any part of this process would be much appreciated!