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How to backup/synch a large feeature layer with attachments?

Question asked by lp_azr on Sep 20, 2020
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I have a large feature layer hosted on ArcGIS Online. The layer has (or rather will have) a large amount of attachments over time and I am looking for the best way to create a daily local backup of the feature layer and attachment data. Because of the amount of data a simple export and download is not very practical (estimated size of 90GB at the end), at least not daily. 


I looked into replicas and tried to set up a synchronization, but ran into problems. Setting up the replica as a file geodatabase seems to only work without synchronization, so its basically the same as an export. Setting it up as a JSON replica seemed to work, but I couldn´t figure out how to import the data into ArcGIS Pro/Map. It seems the JSON Replica is not a valid ESRI JSON. More or less the same with the SQlite variant.


Has anyone dealt with that scenario before and has some advice? As I said it is just a one-way backup so synch capability is not important. I just want to a local backup, that is done incrementally so I don't have to download the same data over and over again.


Any help is appreciated.