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GIS for social justice volunteers?

Question asked by BenHughey on Sep 20, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2020 by MBordne-esristaff

Hi all,


I'm wondering if this user group might be a useful place to recruit GIS professionals looking to help social justice organizations?


If so, here's an idea:

Alaska Community Action on Toxics (ACAT) is seeking an experienced, independent cartographer to continue a volunteer project mapping toxic sites. Across Alaska, mines, former military bases, and oil & gas expansion leach chemicals that are hazardous to human health, a particular concern for indigenous communities reliant on subsistence hunting and gathering. Over the summer, a GIS volunteer compiled datasets and developed a rough interactive map. For the next step, ACAT needs someone to refine the data and produce publicly usable online maps, including a StoryMap. Contact if you're interested or have any questions.