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HTML formatting in Survey123 hints not carried through to geopoint map text

Question asked by data.officer on Sep 18, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2020 by data.officer

On a Survey123 form (developed in Connect, to be used in the field app) we have html formatting for several labels and hints (e.g. bold text). In a geopoint question, we have html formatting for the hint. This displays correctly in the form (tested in the field app) but the same hint is shown in the map view with the html codes but without the actual html formatting. Is there any way around this?


Hint html below, along with screenshots of the form and the map view affected.

Select the record location from the map by either:
<ol><li>using the GPS on your device to find your current location,</li>
<li>entering a grid reference / coordinates in the search bar, or </li>
<li>manually selecting a location on the map.</li></ol>
<p>If you have selected a refuge, this has already been calculated for you.<p>Location accuracy warnings are only relevant if you have used your device's GPS location.</p>
<p>You <b>MUST</b> be signed in and have an internet connection to be able to search using OSGB grid references.</p>




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