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ArcGIS online to Portal for ArcGIS – Migrating Content

Question asked by cinnamonroll on Sep 17, 2020

Currently in my workplace, we use ArcGIS organizational online to host all feature layers, publish other services like webmap and webapps (mainly configurable apps such as operational dashboard, storymap, experience builder apps, webapp builder apps etc.)


We are now in the process of setting up enterprise server and the portal, migrating all our content to the server. I know you can transfer content from one account to another quite easily via ArcGIS online Assistant. However, for feature layers, we aren’t just simply moving this content from esri administrated server to our own server, but storing everything on geodatabase first (at the moment, nothing is stored in DB, everything is stored on ArcGIS online). To publish data from the DB to the portal, can I simply register the database connection with the ArcGIS Server site, then publish the service (including WMS, WFS) through the server manager? Or, do I need to open data on ArcGIS Pro and publish the data from a map? For webmap and web apps, am I right to assume that it can be done easily using ArcGIS online Assistant? (though I guess I need to change configuration on each app, change the data source etc.)

Apologies in advance if I am not very clear, but really appreciate your advice - thank you.