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WebMap JSON gathered by printTask for GP Service reflects current state of map?

Question asked by agelfert on Sep 17, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2020 by agelfert

So I'm needing a simple clarification here: 

When using JSAPI to pass the webmap's JSON to a GP service, what's actually gathered by...

webMapAsJSON = printTask._getPrintDefinition(currentMap, params);

... is the current state of the map, right? Layers that are turned off  (hidden) won't be passed along?


On a previous project I was working on, I had no trouble massaging the webmap inside my GP service to selectively turn things on/off to generate a variety of PDF products. Now, I'm noticing that the JSON is missing any layers that are turned off. Might be a no brainer but I want to confirm this is expected behavior.


Workaround would be to turn on all layers before printTask is called.

Or is there a way to reference the JSON of a webmap in Portal if essentially all the layers in my app derive from the webmap? But that wouldn't have info such as extent they way I needed. Darn! Thanks for any feedback.