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Append Routes geoprocessing tool failing in combined setup for UN & APR on an Enterprise GDB

Question asked by on Sep 17, 2020
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I'm working on deploying and configuring the combination of Utility Network (UN) and Pipeline Referencing (APR). The Utility Network is configured, and I've also taken the required steps to set up an LRS and LRS Network in APR. I used the GP tool 'Configure Utility Network Feature Class' to use the UN pipeline line feature class as the centerline in the Pipeline Referencing setup.

Now, when I try to execute the GP tool 'Append Routes' to load line features as routes into the LRSnetwork, due to the combination of UN and APR, these lines will also be inserted into the UN pipeline line feature class. This works when using a File Geodatabase, but fails when using an Enterprise Geodatabase (backed up by SQL Server) with an error indicating that the field Assettype cannot accept Null values to be inserted (see attached screenshot). Anyone seen this behavior? Am I missing something here that I could check in my setup or should this be considered a bug?


I'm working with ArcGIS Pro 2.6.1 and Enterprise 10.8.1.



Jelmer Akkerman.