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Custom Print Service fails to apply expected symbology and labels

Question asked by pmccord_wayne on Sep 17, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2020 by ahoque-esristaff

I have created and published a custom Geoprocessing Print service following the steps outlined in this post: Print secure services using Web Tier Authentication .


We were initially using the default print widget, but due to authentication issues that caused the print service to fail to load, we created the custom print service with embedded credentials. 


The print service is being used in an application that was built using the ArcGIS API for JS 4.16. The print service loads to the application, so our first issue has been successfully resolved:


Interface showing the print service

However, now there's unwanted symbology when the print service executes and the labels are not displaying.


For example, in the below screen shot, there are parcels on the map with purple outlines and no fill. There's also labels for parcel IDs in yellow:


Parcels shown with no fill; parcel IDs also on the map


When I run the print widget to print this same location, I get the following result:


Is there a reason why the fill is blue? Also, looking at the outlines of the polygons, they don't look purple, so I don't think any of the symbology that appears on the map in my second screenshot is in the print result. Also, the parcel ID labels are no longer present in the print result.


Could this be an issue with using the JS API, or is it related to the process that I followed when publishing the custom print service?