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How to manage distance between symbols and labels on zoom in and zoom out in arcgis 100.6?

Question asked by abhijeet.satam on Sep 14, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2020 by LDanzinger-esristaff


I am using arcgis 100.6 and qt 5.12.1 for application development. 

I want to display some text information alongside my symbol(S1) . I have tried 2 methods to do the same and facing issues in both.

1. Using TextSymbol class

2. Using labelDefinitions() function of  LabelDefinitionListModel class


1.  Using TextSymbol classWhen using TextSymbol to display the data, I first assigned same coordinates as the symbol(S1) to the textSymbol (TS) . Both the symbols overlap as expected


To avoid the overlap I set the geometry of the TextSymbol with some offset as follows:

TS->setGeometry(Point(S1.y + 0.01, S1.x + 0.01, 4326));

However I am observing that the distance between both symbols changes when zoomed in or out. Below are images for S1 and TS with same offset (0.01) but different zoom in scales. The distance between S1 and TS increases as I zoom in more. Is there a way to avoid this??





2. Using labelDefinitions() function of  LabelDefinitionListModel class: The second way I used was using labelDefinitions(). Here the distance between the symbol (S1) and label (L1) remains constant on zoom in zoom out but the placement of  L1 is far from the S1. I tried different labelPlacement options available in labelDefinitions() but all seem to display approximately the same distance.


The labeldefinitions() uses the following json string:


QString mapcode::createLabelJsonName() const

  return QString(QStringLiteral("{\"labelExpressionInfo\":{\"expression\":\"'I - ' + $feature.NAME\"},"
                                "\"where\":\"NAME <> ' '\","
                                "\"symbol\": {\"angle\":0,\"backgroundColor\":[0,0,0,0],"
                                "\"font\": {\"decoration\":\"none\",\"size\":10,"


I want L1 to be placed directly above or below S1. Is there a way to acheive this using labels??