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Couple of Questions on Query Layers

Question asked by s.pook_AdelaideCity on Sep 8, 2020

We have two Enterprise Databases (10.6.1) that are almost a mirror of each other, one On Prem, and one in the Cloud.
I've been provided with an ArcGIS Pro (2.5.2) Project another user created & in that are two Query Layers, created from data based in the On Prem database.
The user has provided me with this project to potentially publish these query layers for them, and all published data must be sourced from the Cloud database, so i need to change the source of the data to the Cloud database.
I presumed that I would be able to modify the query layers to change the source database, but the "Edit Query Button" mentioned in the help here, just isn't present, which brings me to my first question...



1) Are you able to edit a query layer that you haven't created? If so, why can I not see the option to edit the query layer? If the data source for the query changes, can it even be edited to accept that change, or must it be deleted & recreated?


 My second question may make the first null & void, as it is why we are trying to publish the layer in the first place (to see what happens).


2) What happens when you publish a Query Layer, assuming you can?  Can it be referenced or must the data be copied to the server? If the data used to create the published query layer is updated, is it reflected in the published data, or does a published query become a static feature?



Grateful for any wisdom on this, as I'm going in circles.