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network analyse, route

Question asked by erika.solli on Sep 7, 2020
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I am writing to you because at this moment I am working with ArcPRO  but i need litt help. 


The objective is find out the route of a patient from their home to a hospital. i found a lot of information about network analysis, solving route and all the parameters, restrictions that must be used but i could not find something related to this situation that I am going to explain to you.


For example: Here in Norway there are many ferries and sometimes these ferries go from one island to another, sometimes they go direct and sometimes you have to go from one island to another before arrived another , as in the attached photo. The  route goes direct fra A-B but sometimes have to through A-C-B. This is because the schedules change depending on the day and which ferry is taken. My question is if I want that in ArcGis resolve the real route depending this ferry schedules how i do, which parameters and restricions i have to take? 


. Could you give me an idea. Help please.