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How can I enable popup in SceneView with a WebScene have a portalItem?

Question asked by kaden.chen on Sep 7, 2020

I created a Web Scene portal item and add a feature layer. I also enable the layer's popups property as below picture.

The popup is not working in below javascript API code. How can I do for let the popup working as protal server Webscene view?




<script src=""></script>

require(["esri/views/SceneView", "esri/WebScene","esri/config"], function (
SceneView, WebScene, esriConfig) {
var titleDiv = document.getElementById("titleDiv");

var scene = new WebScene({
 portalItem: { id: "540xxx6d5fd432fa4ba3dd64eca801d" }

var view = new SceneView({
map: scene,
container: "viewDiv"