Hi, my name is Mike and I like analytics

Discussion created by mike-chronocards on Sep 4, 2020

Hello! My name is Mike Davlantes. I'm the founder/software engineer of a newly approved Esri Startup: ChronoCards. ChronoCards is a SaaS product that allows managers to view the editing progress and software usage of GIS analysts in order to establish individual and team productivity trends-- think KPI tracking for GIS. We already work with OpenStreetMap editors, and soon we'll have an ArcGIS Pro add-in.


My biggest GIS success this year has been computing some pretty cool stats in real-time on a lot of OpenStreetMap data as it streams in from editors. As teams make edits we can see things like miles of road they've added/modified/deleted, count of buildings edited, waterways, etc. Using this data we were able to establish trends and optimize editor performance to dramatically increase an editing team's productivity!


My areas of expertise are full-stack software engineering with a smattering of UI/UX design. I'm mostly interested in anything technical (especially if it's geographic!), geology, and outdoor adventure. My fiancée and I are learning to paraglide, so hopefully one day I'll be able to combine all these interests into some sort of cool 3D map.

It's hard to pick just one favorite place on earth, but I guess I'll go with -49.329, -72.988.