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Survey123 Duplicate Records Filter

Question asked by holmgrenca@bv.com_BV on Sep 4, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2020 by holmgrenca@bv.com_BV

Essentially, we have the same survey being performed over and over again on the same manhole. Each manhole is also attributed with a route name, mod date, create date and other survey fields.


We are trying to roll this up in a web map for OPS dashboard but we need to basically only show the most recent survey for each manhole. we were thinking somehow concatenate the asset + route to group the same asset and then need to only show the record that was either created most recently or modified most recently. This is what we cannot seem to get to work.

The survey was created with the online app. but if it's possible to do this only in the xls, we are willing to switch gears.

Any help would be really appreciated!