Domains Relation over Datasets

Discussion created by toni0 on Apr 8, 2011
Hello, my problem its an AO's algoritmic proficiency one, the question is directed to the AO's expert coders. I need to rearch the relations between Dataset (FC and Tables) and the domins its contained, on whole GDB scale, in order to generate a dependencies map. We need to manipulate the Domais so thats the need to know whose elements are affected by each Domain.

    The fact is that our actual process pass through the search in all FDataSet, FeatureClass, Tables, and its columns, extracting one by one the domins by the "IField.getDomain()" property. But it painfully slow, we manage over 600+ data conteiner elements.

    My question is, There are any procedure to obtein directly the elements related to a given Domain, an enum or an esoteric SQL query or something like that? I have been goolgeling it, searching in the EDN, in support forum, looking AO's interface equivalence,  and i coun't find anything even close.

Thanks for you time.