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Why is the Open Data Portal generating bad download links?

Question asked by Bill_Schlatter on Sep 2, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2020 by Bill_Schlatter

One of our open data users brought to my attention today the fact that some of our Open Data Portal downloads aren't working.  Specifically, our file downloads aren't working, while our layer downloads appear to be working fine. 


Investigating more closely, I determined that the downloads actually work, but the portal is generating improperly-formatted URLs.  For one of our items (a zipped file geodatabase containing a dataset so large that downloading it as a layer always hangs), the URL associated with the "Download" button is this: https://https// (You can click that to see the error message our user was getting)


Look closely, and you'll see that there's an extraneous "https//" (sic) inserted into the URL near the beginning.  If you manually remove it and paste the resulting link into your browser's URL bar, it takes you to the expected download. 


This wasn't happening a month or so ago when we set up these downloads.  It is happening as of this morning.  We haven't changed any of our Hub configuration in the meantime.  Is there a way to fix this, or is this just a bug on the ArcGIS Online back-end?