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Activate geodatabase (Oracle) - error message

Question asked by _robert_ on Sep 1, 2020
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I created an Oracle user (11g) , added some tables and started entering data with ArcMap 10.5. I forgot to create a geodatabase which I would like to rectify now by using the "activate geodatabase" tool.


Unfortunately I get an error message - here is a translation from the message:

user has permissions for setting up geodatabase

xml support for database intance is enabled

[no user schema geodatabase can be created if the user has data registered in the master-instance (sde) or has data in another user schema]


The message refers to a log file - log file content is:


[Tue Sep 01 12:18:06 2020]
ST_Geometry Schema Owner: (SDE) Type Release: 1007
[Tue Sep 01 12:18:06 2020] Instance initialized for ((eleahs)) . . .

[Tue Sep 01 12:18:07 2020] DBMS error code: 942
ORA-00942: Tabelle oder View nicht vorhanden

[Tue Sep 01 12:18:07 2020] SDE schema object install not completed.
[Tue Sep 01 12:18:07 2020] ERROR installing/upgrading ArcSDE, Error = -561


The user has not data registered in the master schema (SDE) and I dont see how the user has any data in any other schema then itself. So I dont understand what the error message is trying to tell me.


Many thanks Rob