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How do I build a report template that aggregates/summarizes results according to two inputs

Question asked by Felix.Meier@cbre.com_dimension on Aug 31, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2020 by Felix.Meier@cbre.com_dimension

Hi there,


I am having a writers block designing a report template that will group the survey's by "building and then aggregate the survey123 answers for each creator's response. 


I've attached a sample report structure how I'd like to have it look. 
There are 8 different people using the survey for 12 different properties (buildings). Each Survey has around 60 questions. 


For example, 1 building will have 60 questions with the 8 individual's responses for each question.


The first question is "speed limit" and i'd like to list the 8 individual members (surveys) pertaining to this specific property (${Building}) and their response {$speed_limit}.


How do I go about creating such a report. Will I have to use the summarize report as the basis?

Thank you in advance,