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One Web Adaptor Authenticates, the Other Does Not

Question asked by crafty762 Champion on Aug 28, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2020 by cpawlyszyn-esristaff

My client has a 10.7.1 ArcGIS Enterprise environment with the following configuration (all servers are Windows OS):

  • One single Portal machine
  • Two ArcGIS Server machines forming the Hosted site and thus federated with Portal
  • Two web machines, each containing a Web Adaptor for Portal and a Web Adaptor for ArcGIS Server
  • Portal is configured for Windows authentication
  • Web Adaptors for Portal are configured with Windows authentication only (IWA)
  • Web Adaptors for ArcGIS Server are configured for anonymous authentication only
  • Load balancer exists in front of the two web servers


I'm seeing an authorization issue when attempting to browse to ArcGIS Server Manager.  When I go through one of the Web Adaptors (we'll call it Web Adaptor 'A') via (where 'server' is the name of the ArcGIS Server Web Adaptor), I am signed in automatically with my Windows account as expected.  However, when I go through the other Web Adaptor (we'll call it Web Adaptor 'B') via, I get an "Unauthorized Access" message from ArcGIS Server Manager.  Is this behavior expected or is there something misconfigured?  I am thinking there may be a configuration issue... shouldn't I be able to get to ArcGIS Server Manager via either of the two web servers rather than just one?  I have re-registered the ArcGIS Server Web Adaptors with the site, but the issue still persists.  Does this sound like a federation issue potentially?  


Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.