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Cannot Poll a Map service layer

Question asked by MDragon_GolderGlobalGIS on Aug 29, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2020 by MDragon_GolderGlobalGIS

good day 

I am trying to poll features from the National Weather Service map service at this URL

NWS_Forecasts_Guidance_Warnings/wpc_qpf (MapServer) 


The feature layer is published as a Map Service. I've tried two things with no success:

- Add the layer to a AGOL

   the layer gets recognized and published as Feature Layer and works in a Map Viewer

   but when I a try to create a "Poll and ArcGIS Server Service", albeit the Service Name gets listed, once selected the Layer field doesn't list the specific layer endpoint 


- Create a Data Store pointing directly to the Map Server Rest endpoint, but the behavior is the same. I can list the Service Name but not the layer id


I'd like to understand if a Map Server service (and not a Feature Server service) can be polled in this way and if not, what is an alternative workaround to poll features from the REST service.

thanks in advance