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ArcGIS Online New Home Page

Question asked by ahmadabusaleh on Aug 28, 2020


 I was using HTML & CSS to customize the org Home page same as in the below post ,but for some reason some of the features in the home page stopped working exactly after AGOL update in June.

Beautify That Homepage!: Creating a unique look and feel for your organization 


Knowing that old home page will be discontinued in the future.  I decided  to upgrade the org landing home page to use the new Home Page that was introduced back in June 2020,  but I feel it still missing a lot of basic features ,such as changing the text colors or use different background colors other than Black, Gray ... 






is there any way to change the text and background colors in the new home page designer ?

also is there anyway to show open data sites as an item in the new page same as we show the web apps or maps ?


Thanks ,