Problem with Geoprocessing Service

Discussion created by ggunther on Apr 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2011 by ggunther
We have a geoprocessing service running in ArcGIS Server 10 sp1 java edition.  It is basically the same as the population summary/demographics GP Example.

The geoprocessing service runs fine in ArcMap and in ArcGIS Explorer as a service from ArcGIS Server.

When trying to implement the service within a web app using the javascript api based on this sample (and even with the flex sample) I keep getting "{"error":{"code":500,"message":"Error executing task 'SumZone'. Please check your parameters.","details":[]}});"

We have tried everything
1.  Running it locally
2.  local jobs folder, etc
3.  Both on 9.3.1 and 10

Here is the REST request with the geometry payload to execute the service

Here is the web app (but the map server is internal so you wont be able to see that).

A six pack to the one who can help me with this!