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Creating a new site and the data.json

Question asked by on Aug 24, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by thervey-esristaff

Given that creating a new site includes the automatic generation of the data.json URL for every hub site at;
Are there mandatory steps for the automatic generation of the data.json URL or does it just happen for all sites?

How long after new site creation does it take for the data.json to be available?
Does the data.json exist before Items are shared to the new site or does it error when using the URL?

If I clone a current open data site that was created 2 years ago, will the new site automatically generate the data.json URL?
Are there simple instructions for those interested in the data.json?


I have tried to create new sites and get a 404 error every time I go to the new sites data.json. I hope your answers help me resolve my issue.