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ArcPy - Get list of layers used in an AGOL Dashboard

Question asked by MOAGIS on Aug 20, 2020

Hi Folks - 


I'm trying to get a list of the layers used in our organization's dashboard via Python.


I can get a list of the dashboard without a problem:


for item in"NOT owner:esri_livingatlas",item_type="Dashboard", max_items=maxItems):
row = (item.title,item.owner,item.access,,site,pubdate)

dashID =
dashTitle = item.title
dashOwner = item.owner


But am thrown off by the fact that I can't just modify the code that we've use to get layers from a web map:

imap = WebMap(item)
layer_list = wmo.definition['operationalLayers']
layer_list = imap.layers

Is there something analogous that we can use for Dashboards? Have looked through help docs, but nothing yet.